Sisense 6.4: Enterprise Connectivity at Scale

Sisense 6.4 is built to scale with stronger enterprise capabilities, flexibility, and ease of use. New features include high availability, JavaScript embedding, localization and powerful connectivity to data on-premise, in the cloud or anywhere on the web.
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Connect to Your Data, Anywhere

High Availability

In an enterprise that’s powered by data, your enterprise business intelligence needs to be always-on. Deploy Sisense to multiple servers to increase business continuity and resilience, and support the analytical needs of a rapidly growing amount of business users with no drop in performance.

High Availability Architecture in Sisense

sisense 6.4 offers international language support

Internationalization and Localization

Scale globally with built-in support for many new languages, including Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Enable users to interact with Sisense in their native language – from dashboards to administration to the menu system.

Engine Enhancements

We’ve re-architected some of the core elements of our In-Chip data processing to make querying complex data even faster and more responsive, with improved query recycling that lets you scale users and data without skipping a beat.

In-Chip data engine
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More Flexible than Ever

Connect Directly to Facebook, Twitter and Other Websites via REST API

The web is your playground: easily pull data from any website that supports the RESTful API – including all major social networks, e-commerce, financial services and thousands of others – then use Sisense to easily query, create mash-ups with your own databases and visualize the results for unparalleled depth of analysis.

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connect to facebook and twitter via rest API

use javascript to embed widgets or dashboards

Sisense.js: iframe-less Embedded Analytics

Using this powerful new feature, developers can use Sisense as a JavaScript library and inject dashboards and widgets into any JS website or app – enabling you to build more flexible data products and provide a better experience for your users. Now you can break dashboards into specific widgets, while enabling users to interact with some or all of them using filters within the original app.

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Smoother User Experience

Guided Interactive Training

Get up and running quicker than ever: Sisense 6.4 introduces built-in interactive training, guiding you through each and every step of using the product and taking you from novice to pro as quickly and smoothly as possible.

built-in tutorials in sisense 6.4

aggregate data by weeks in sisense 6.4

Front-end Support for Aggregations by Week

You asked for this feature, and we listened – now, in addition to day, month and quarter, you can aggregate time-based data by week directly from your dashboard – without any Elasticube modifications.

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What Else is New in Sisense 6.4?

These are just some of the exciting new features presented in this release. See the full list here

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