Drive better business outcomes through AI
in the Sisense Q1 2020 Release

Power deeper insights and foster new ways to engage with data. Automate and scale
workflows, and build richer experiences from across your data landscape

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At Sisense, we believe that investing in AI and ML is the best way to empower users of all kinds with deep, actionable insights from their complex data, no matter where it sits. Over the last year, our AI team has quadrupled in size and built Sisense Knowledge Graph, a patent- pending, foundational layer for the augmented analytics capabilities that begin rolling out with the Q1 2020 product release.

  • Investing in the foundation: Sisense Knowledge Graph: Leveraging over a decade of historical metadata, Sisense Knowledge Graph has studied over 300 billion events of organizational usage patterns to bring more “human” and context-aware outcomes to every aspect of analytics. From natural language recommendations to predictive maintenance and alerts, there are dozens of strategic and tactical applications that Sisense Knowledge Graph can power.
  • Developer Experience: We continue to invest this quarter in the developer experience, bringing new capabilities and improvements to Sisense’s extensive suite of APIs, SDKs and developer toolkits for product teams to launch seamlessly-integrated embedded analytics.

Explore these and many more capabilities
offered in this release.

AI Throughout

Suggestive insights across the analytics lifecycle powered by AI

Sisense Natural Language Query (NLQ)

Ask sophisticated questions in an easy way with natural language. Sisense NLQ enables non-technical users to explore their data and gain deeper insights, even if they are not familiar with the data structure. Users can simply begin typing a question and immediately receive suggestions and personalized recommendations based on past searches and organizational usage patterns, along with full support for spelling mistakes, synonyms and ambiguous terms. Powered by the patent-pending Sisense Knowledge Graph and cutting-edge Natural Language Processing technologies, Sisense NLQ delivers greater analytical agility, deeper data explorations and shorter times-to-insight. Now available in beta release.

Live Pulse Alerts

Automatically identify critical changes in your live data and proactively alert stakeholders. Pulse machine learning algorithms track millions of variations in your data to automatically identify and proactively alert users of critical changes. A personalized Pulse page provides a custom command center, showing a unique set of KPIs that matters to each user, without digging through endless dashboards. Now available for Live models, easily integrate or automate alerts into third- party applications, such as Zendesk, Slack or Zapier, to trigger an immediate data-driven response.

Elastic Data Engine

Drive multiple use cases from your entire data landscape

New Premium Ingestion Connectors for Cloud Data Teams

Ingest data from popular data sources directly into Sisense Managed Warehouse or Bring Your Own Warehouse (Redshift or Snowflake). Our Premium Ingestion Connectors unify your data sources and help data teams build efficient, cost effective cloud data pipelines that unlock more advanced analysis and deliver deeper insights to business teams. New ingestion connectors include Facebook Ads, MailChimp, Marketo, Hubspot, and Zuora, enabling data teams to perform advanced analytics on such things as revenue operations and marketing attribution.

MongoDB Connector

Gain easy and quick access to MongoDB databases, collections and views. MongoDB’s flexible data model and dynamic schema allow you to store data in rich, multi-dimensional documents to quickly build and evolve your apps. Analyze data generated by your modern apps – web, mobile, social, and IoT – alongside traditional data stored in Sisense. Available for ElastiCube models.

Enterprise Reporting

Build future-ready analytics applications that are designed to scale

Report Manager –
Premium Add-on

Set up and share customized reports on a predefined schedule or triggered by events. Available as a premium add-on in Sisense Marketplace, Sisense Report Manager is an advanced UI based report scheduler with highly-flexible scheduling capabilities. Builders can setup and enable customized reports to be sent to a wide audience including non-Sisense users through a centralized tab within the Sisense product. The centralized view allows for live status updates, bulk operations, error alerts and more.

Enhanced Report Scheduling

Gain greater flexibility in scheduling reports, now available on a monthly, or quarterly cadence (in addition to daily report options). Choose when to start the schedule, either immediately or set a date in the future. In addition to the frequency, business users are empowered to manage the format and content of their own reports for each dashboard. Generally available now for all customers of Sisense for BI & Analytics Teams and Sisense for Product Teams.

Enterprise Grade

Build future-ready analytic applications that are designed to scale.

OpenID Connect for SSO

Developers can easily integrate and provide users with a usable and secure authentication with OpenID Connect for Sign-Sign On. The leading standard for single-sign on and identity provision on the internet, OpenID Connect uses simple JSON-based identity tokens (JWT), delivered via OAuth 2.0 flows in an interoperable and REST-like manner allowing developers to focus on building secure, compelling apps instead of worrying about security protocols.

API-First Platform

Automate data workflows and enjoy full deployment lifecycle management

Data Model APIs

Fully automate data workflows to save time and minimize risks with the new Sisense Data Models APIs. Delivered as fully RESTful and JSON-based APIs, the Sisense Data Model APIs enables complex data workflows that require automated creation and management of data models and data flows. Packed among its many endpoints and capabilities, the Data Model APIs enable programmatic creation and modification of Sisense data models across deployments and scheduling data loads.

Developer Experience

Build data experiences and analytic apps your users will love.

Embedded Playground

Discover and experiment with Sisense embedding and customization capabilities in a rich, interactive playground. Developers and non-developers alike can explore solutions in the easy-to-use point & click interface without any code. Get inspired with ideas and find code to accelerate development and integration of analytics apps to deliver a seamless and custom analytic experience.

Sisense GitHub and
Open Source

Join the official Sisense GitHub community, a space for public Sisense projects including open-source projects. Accelerate engineering efforts with innovative solutions, vetted code and community based projects. Find repositories from Sisense feature demos, external plugins to open-source R&D projects.

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