Deliver Seamless Data Experiences
Q2 2020 Release

One year post-merger, celebrating significant progress towards a
unified, end-to-end data science and BI platform

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Sisense’s Q2 product release exemplifies our commitment to simplifying complex data and unlocking powerful insights, delivering superior outcomes through seamless data experiences. On June 1, we celebrated the one year anniversary of the Sisense and Periscope Data merger; we’re proud to deliver several new features this quarter that are a direct benefit of the unification, including Snowflake support for In-Warehouse Data Prep, Statistics Profiling, and Self-Service Dashboards for Cloud Data Teams.

We’re also very excited to announce UI Customization, which enables customers to deliver a seamless, customizable branded analytics experience within minutes, no coding necessary.

Developers using Sisense can now enjoy our newly-launched Developer Portal, a one-stop-shop for developer content, as well as further enhancements to the Embedded Playground.

Explore these and many more capabilities
offered in this release.

Simplify Complex Data

Data from anywhere to run everywhere

Snowflake Support for In-Warehouse Data Prep & Statistics Profiling

A continuation of our integration efforts with Periscope Data, In Warehouse Data Prep has now expanded to support Snowflake data warehouses in addition to Redshift. In addition, our new Warehouse Statistics Profile enables builders to quickly understand their data at a glance, identifying patterns, relationships and unexpected values. Quickly detect various spellings and labels, data with null values, as well as understand the distribution of your data. Now in GA.

Unlock Powerful Insights

Data exploration for every skill set

Self-service dashboards for Cloud Data Teams

Self service extends the work of the data team across their organization and helps business teams unlock powerful insights independently. Citizen data analysts can build live data models and dashboards without code, and business teams can use dashboards to slice, dice and drill into anywhere to answer questions autonomously. With the ability to eliminate data request bottlenecks and empower users to explore insights, data teams can focus on more strategic projects to serve executives and drive growth.

Sisense AI Trends

Add another layer on top of visualisations to highlight trends in your data and make them easier to consume. Easily draw trend lines using a number of statistical (available locally) and ML-powered algorithms, including exponential smoothing and local estimates (for users who enable cloud access). Compare trends with previous or parallel periods. In addition, the ability to ignore anomalies is also enabled via ML models for users who enable cloud access.

Cloud-Agnostic Platform

Flexible, customizable enterprise-grade analytics

UI Customization

Deliver seamless and consistent brand experiences throughout the application in minutes. With a simple point and click interface, update logos, font, brand colors, background colors and more to rebrand and customize the look and feel of your analytics. No coding necessary.

Read more about UI Customization here.

Developer Experience

Build data experiences and analytic apps your users will love.

Developer Portal

Accelerate development efforts with the Sisense Developer Portal, a one-stop-shop for developer content. The portal includes documentation, API references and guides, accessible in an intuitive, improved user experience. Find guides, try samples, watch tutorials, get links to GitHub repos, and find everything you need to rapidly build unique analytics experiences and manage and scale your deployment.

New Embedded Playground Capabilities

Sisense Embedded Playground has expanded to allow developers to explore “look and feel” and analytic app design capabilities. Play with or customize your own color palette or white-label a sample Sisense app. Explore actions and custom analytic app designs with Sisense BloX. Get inspired by other developers, and accelerate your development with code samples.

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