Introducing Sisense Q3 2019

Empower Users To Answer Questions They Didn’t Even Know They Had.Deploy At Scale On The Only Multi Cloud-native Linux Architecture.

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The Q3 2019 Sisense release represents a major milestone in our Sisense AI roadmap. Sisense AI Exploration Paths guides users to explore the drivers behind their most important KPIs revealing AI-driven insights gleaned from both the underlying data as well as from the combined insights across the business. Business users don’t need to know which question to ask next. Sisense will provide augmented insights that answer questions they didn’t even know they had!

In addition, Sisense is proud to announce the gradual release of Cloud-Native Sisense, our rearchitected cloud-native architecture that supports any cloud and is purpose-built from the ground up on modern containerized microservices architecture that incorporate best-of-breed such as Linux, Kubernetes, and Docker. Offered alongside our existing Windows-based offering, our new Cloud-Native Sisense is the culmination of two years of work to support the growing needs of modern data teams.

Explore these capabilities and many more in this release.

AI Throughout

Suggestive insights across the analytics lifecycle powered by AI.

AI Exploration Paths

AI Exploration Paths automatically generates new visualizations and deeper insights from known KPI’s by leveraging machine learning to explore the underlying data as well as the behavior of all users on the system. Dashboard designers can focus on the most important business drivers and end-users can deepen their understanding of their business as they are guided to the answers to questions they didn’t even know they had.

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Group Similar

Create data models faster and with higher quality by eliminating manual data prep steps using AI. Automatically resolve discrepancies in your data to create a cleaner experience for your analysts and end-users. For example, group values for America, USA, US, United States into a single value based on the recommendations of our AI engine. Choose and approve which AI suggestions to group into a field with a few clicks.

Enterprise-Grade DevOps

Build future-ready analytics applications that are designed to scale.

Cloud-Native Linux Architecture

Rapidly deploy custom, data-driven applications in any cloud environment at scale with Sisense’s Cloud-Native Linux architecture. Purpose-built from the ground up, its foundation is based on a modern containerized microservices architecture that incorporates best-of-breed open-source technologies such as Linux, Kubernetes, and Docker for integrated delivery in your application lifecycle. Now available in a gradual release and offered alongside our existing Windows offering.

Sisense doesn’t drive your architecture.
We support yours.

On-prem or cloud, private or vendor-managed, Windows or Linux.

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Elastic Data Hub

Drive multiple use cases from your entire data landscape.

Expanded Library Of Certified Data Connectors

Sisense now supports a broad array of newly certified data connectors. From databases to web-based apps and file types, certified connectors are fully supported by Sisense so you can easily transform your present and future data sources into new insights.

Live Data Models For PostgreSQL, Oracle, and MySQL

Further extend your existing database investments by powering dashboards to run queries in real-time with a ‘live’ data models. Refresh data within seconds and better support large data analysis use cases. In combination with ‘live’ capabilities for AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, and others, you can now, easier than ever, leave your data ‘as-is, where-is’.

Live Table Queries

Building on the live data connectivity options introduced last year, Live Table Queries empowers data engineers to add additional business logic into the Live data workflow using custom SQL. Live Table Queries makes it possible to transform the data for analytics without the need to make changes to the underlying data systems drastically decreasing the cost and shortening the time to respond to analytic data needs.

Beyond The Dashboard

Build data experiences and analytics apps your users will love.

End User Report Management

Sisense automated reports democratize access to data and deliver valuable insights directly to the end-user. New, enterprise management capabilities give business users more control over report distribution and scheduling. Business users can now customize report subscriptions, including the frequency and format, and apply filtered views from their dashboard to all subscribed dashboard reports.

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