Unleash The Power of Advanced Analytics with Sisense Q4 2019 Release

Deliver Superior Performance From Your Cloud Data Warehouse.
Improve Future KPI Outcomes Based On Today’s Data.

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The rise of cloud, big data, AI, and machine learning is drastically accelerating the need for organizations to digitally transform in order to thrive. The merger between Sisense and Periscope Data announced in May 2019 has resulted in the most complete end-to-end business intelligence platform on the market empowering analytics builders to drive the next wave of digital transformation.

With this release, we are proud to announce the first integration from Periscope Data. Initially available on AWS Redshift, In-Warehouse Data Prep provides builders with the advanced functionality they need to rapidly transform and optimize raw data using materialized views into Cloud Data Warehouses. Using the language of data (SQL, and soon Python and R) data teams are empowered to reduce database workloads and optimize query performance to power self-service analytics as well as robust analytic apps.

This release also reflects our continued investment in AI and advanced analytics. With Sisense Forecast, business users can leverage highly sophisticated univariate and multivariate forecasting models via a simple menu. And, our new Sisense Quest add-on from Sisense Labs surfaces a library of additional statistical models as well as the ability to import your own Python-based models.

Explore these and many more capabilities
offered in this release.

AI Throughout

Suggestive insights across the analytics lifecycle powered by AI

Sisense Forecast

Sisense now offers the most advanced forecasting capabilities in the market. Sisense Forecast executes an ensemble of univariate and multivariate forecast models against your data and then leverages AI to select the best model. Unlike other solutions, the forecast can be controlled via a simple menu-driven interface with no need for any R integration or scripting. In addition, business users can independently compare the forecast with actual values for the last period to increase confidence in the forecast. Now available in gradual release.

Sisense Quest

Harness the power of data science for all by enabling builders to deliver advanced analytics and optimize the insight-to-action experience. With out-of-the-box statistical models and the ability to create custom actions, Sisense Quest transforms traditional time-series dashboards into advanced analytic apps. Builders can upload their own Python models, thus integrating predictive analytics directly into any time-series visualization. Business users gain a deeper understanding of their data and can take action directly at the point of insight. Now available as a certified add-on on the Sisense Marketplace.

Elastic Data Hub

Drive multiple use cases from your entire data landscape

In-Warehouse Data Prep On Cloud Data Warehouses

Rapidly transform and optimize raw data stored on your AWS Redshift with materialized views that speed and scale self-service analytics. Using the language of data (SQL, and soon Python and R), data teams are empowered to reduce database workloads and optimize query performance that power self- service analytics directly from your cloud data warehouse. Sisense’s cached data model further delivers exceptional performance for high-query- frequency, slow-changing data from your data warehouse. Now available in a gradual release.

Athena Native Data Connector

Easily access difficult to reach data stored in S3 for exploratory analysis. Quickly connect to S3 data buckets using a visual, web-based environment that delivers metadata information and schemas to your cached data model for exceptional query and data exploration performance. Now available in beta form.

Enterprise-Grade DevOps

Build future-ready analytics applications that are designed to scale

Scope Limitations For Data Security

Dynamically extend data governance capabilities to dashboards and analytic apps that support exclusionary or inclusionary row-level security. Without the need for complex data modeling, builders now can flexibly decide if results should be shown when a query traverses specific governed tables or if row-level security should exclude data results when specified tables are included in a query.

Multiple Build Nodes For Cloud Native Sisense

Additional build nodes support greater numbers of ElastiCube models that can be built within your deployment.

Developer Experience

Build data experiences and analytic apps your users will love

Embed SDK

Rapidly build a tightly integrated user experience that embeds analytics within a host app with minimal code. A suite of JavaScript APIs delivered as a JS library minimizes developer resources to manage complex communication between an application and the embedded analytics dashboards.

New Embedded Dashboard Designer Privileges

End clients within an embedded analytical environment can now independently design and customize widgets and dashboards directly within their deployment. The embedded analytics administrator can choose to enable editing for designated designers or leave it in view mode..

Embed Code UI Generator

Automatically generate code snippets needed to embed Sisense dashboards and widgets in external applications. Select the visual elements to generate the URL or HTML code that can be simply copied and pasted to embed into an external application.

Beyond The Dashboard

Build data experiences and analytic apps your users will love

Partner Marketplace

Extend the power of the Sisense Platform with pre-built templates and custom functionality from Sisense’s diverse network of implementation partners. Bespoke add-ons from the Partner Marketplace compliment your Sisense deployment with new capabilities that further automate, extend and customize delivery of insights to your global business users. Visit Marketplace

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