AI-powered insights & deeper data exploration for all

Now everyone can explore data at a deeper level to go beyond just making sense of data and accelerate time to insight with enhancements across the platform.

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With the latest release, anyone can go deeper in the data to unlock key insights that will drive the business forward. Through AI-powered explanations to SQL transparency and optimization to an enhanced reporting engine, deeper insights are delivered faster than ever before.

Explore these and many more capabilities
offered in this release.

Unlock Powerful Insights

Data exploration for every skill set

AI-powered explanations

The power of AI in Sisense automatically identifies reasons and impacts that drive the powerful “why” behind your business outcomes. By fusing business expertise with deeper exploration and insights, everyone can unlock untapped business potential.

  • Automatically highlights interesting values, reasons, and impacts behind the data for deeper data exploration without needing data expertise
  • Uncovers powerful combinations within your data set that drive business impact without the heavy lift of hundreds of calculations
  • Drives deeper data exploration into data events that may not be obvious to the naked eye

Simplify Complex Data

Data from anywhere to run everywhere

Enhanced live data experience

Reduce the time and cost for real-time queries with deeper transparency into the logic and activity on Snowflake live connections and in beta for Redshift, BigQuery and MySQLServer.

  • Optimized real-time queries: Data query length is reduced by up to 70% with a new translator service that converts every live data connection widget function into optimized SQL code
  • Transparency behind every widget: Look “under the hood” to easily validate the SQL logic from Snowflake and Redshift live data connectors that power the visualization
  • Context for each query: Track, monitor, and optimize activity on your Live data sources to better understand the context of your queries with metadata about the data source.

Connection extensibility

Expand functionality and flexibility by adding custom behavior at the data connection level.

  • Write additional logic and change properties on the connection level to bring in data exactly how you need it
  • Manipulate SQL queries and row level data for customization at every level of data

Infuse Analytics Everywhere

Create and embed data stories and dashboard narratives

Next level reporting

Communicate every insight effectively with a new reporting engine that generates PDFs and images at scale to share reports with everyone in the organization

  • Create robust reports that include customizations such as Sisense BloX that now print easily
  • Scale your reports to thousands at the same time while optimizing your resource consumption

Easier experience for users on the go

Spend your resources on developing certain dashboards that are for your specific users on the go and make it easy for them to find in the mobile app

  • Control which insights are presented to users first in the mobile app with a new featured designation

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