Sisense 7.0

Meet the New Browser-Based ElastiCube Manager

New Release

100% Browser-Based BI

Sisense 7.0 introduces a new browser-based ElastiCube Manager that offers a unified BI experience, enables greater collaboration, and manages data in a smarter, more visual web interface.

With full compatibility with the familiar desktop environment, it’s easy to learn and try. Discover what’s new and see tips to get started below.

See What’s New

Data Page

Quickly search, sort and
manage all your ElastiCubes.

Active Schema

Interact and understand
data with a new visual language


Easier than ever to
mash-up your data


Get data ready with
streamlined tools


Import data
to the web


Securely govern access rights to data cubes

Recommended Resources
to Get You Started

Work Side
by Side

For now we continue to offer full support for the desktop environment. You can easily move between and edit the cubes in both the desktop and web environments. At this point, there are a small differences in the features on the web. Quickly learn how to work side-by-side.

Benefits to Try

  • Manage: Use the new Data Page to see the status of ElastiCubes and initiate actions like start, stop or share
  • Explore: View the details and structure of any ElastiCube from your browser
  • Share: Provide access for others to create their own cubes from scratch

Best Practices
to Start

Sisense suggests using the desktop ElastiCube Manager for production purposes until you are familiar with the browser-based version and then plan your next steps.

For best practices, see our Tips to start with the new ElastiCube Manager.

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