Analyst Reports & Customer Reviews of Sisense

See what your peers and top analysts are saying about Sisense by reading an inside view on how they are using Sisense and what they think about us. If you’re in the market for a BI solution, check out these third-party resources to get an objective overview of Sisense and a solid idea of how we can meet your needs.

Analyst Reports


Gartner Composable Analytics Shapes the Future of Analytics Applications. 

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G2 Crowd

Selected as a leader for ease of use and quality of support.

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Ranked overall Leader in Business Intelligence.

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Leading Visionary in the Magic Quadrant.

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Customer Reviews

With Sisense, you can easily get value from data without training or experience since it’s just so easy to produce quality, insightful analytics – a tool with no learning curve.

James Davison, Senior Data Analyst at Celestica

With Sisense all my analysts can build reports and dashboards, change and join data sources,and get insights completely on their own.

Slava Borodovsky, Senior BI Director at Fiverr

Sisense’s performance was clear when we saw how quickly we could put together a Sisense cube. The product itself was just so easy to deploy, it amazed us

Brent Allen, Director of Infrastructure & WebOps at Skullcandy

The ability to use Sisense to see beyond the data to the underlying correlation and causality, where the strengths and weaknesses lie, is incredibly empowering.

Mike Stedman, Operations Director at Res Consortium