Sisense & Google

Impactful Analytics, Low TCO at Scale and Native
Access to the Best of Google

Sisense empowers builders to deliver insights on complex data, so users can achieve better business outcomes. Through our partnership with Google, Sisense customers gain access via native connectors to many of Google’s offerings, including among others Google Ads (AdWords), Google Analytics, Google Sheets and Google BigQuery, plus the ability to host Sisense on Google Cloud.

The combination of Sisense and Google BigQuery deserves special attention given the impact these tools can drive together around data modernization. BigQuery + Sisense eliminates technical bottlenecks to support complex data and partition types in BigQuery that deliver the lowest total cost of ownership associated with querying large tables and data sets. Retrieving just the data you require in BigQuery delivers greater agility for statistical and predictive analytics, AI-powered self-service BI and embedded analytics within Sisense.

Sisense & Google

  • With BigQuery + Sisense, optimize complex data and partition types for analytics
  • Use Sisense to deliver advanced, ad-hoc predictive and statistical analysis
  • Build interactive, self-service dashboards and analytic apps to explore data and take action

Critical Features of our Partnership

BigQuery Partnership
Sisense + BigQuery eliminates technical bottlenecks to deliver analytics live from complex data and partion types in BigQuery with the lowest cost of ownership.

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Sisense on Google Cloud
Host Sisense on your Google Cloud tenant, including provisioning on a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster.

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Connecting to Google Data Sources
Sisense offers a number of native connectors to Google data sources to flexibly deliver access to all of your present and future data for detailed data exploration and insights.

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Data Pipelines and Advanced Analytics
Sisense for Cloud Data Teams (previously Periscope Data) provides data teams with the ability to build data pipelines with Google BigQuery and perform advanced analysis using languages they already know like SQL, Python, and R.

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“Sisense and Google BigQuery allows us to give the power back to our customers. Now, our customers can build amazing data experiences on their own within a single platform. We can encourage them to be dashboard designers without forcing them to be data architects.”

Ilan Pinto, Director of Software Development, Trax Retail

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