Analyze with Insight Miner

Mine Hidden Gold from your Data and Deliver New Insights to YourEnd Users with Common, Everyday Language

Analyze with Insight Miner delivers tremendous value for each and every business user. With machine learning technology, users can gain new insights from data that were previously unknown, hidden, or unreachableā€”all with a single click.


Automated, On-Demand Assistance for Every User


Employ the Full Strength of a Data Science Team

Expose previously unreachable insights, adding tremendous value for every business user.

Empower End Users with New Insights

Compute thousands of complex calculations and present the results in common, everyday language.

Spread the Power
of an On-Demand Analyst

Take the data already found on a dashboard and translate the hidden insights into common language.

Better Understand the Complexities of your Business

Simplify the analysis of data with the latest machine learning technologies.

Share Insights with Colleagues

Set up seamless sharing capabilities using data security and governance protocols.

Improve Results Over Time

Data feedback loops incorporated into the product improve relevant insights specific to each business user.

Insight Miner has given us the ability to see perspectives and significance of data that we previously had to spend a lot of time uncovering. It has taken us from needing to develop insight to placing it directly in the hands of users all at lightning speed.

Reporting Architect, Professional Services and Management Consulting

The Future of Augmented BI is Free

Analyze with Insight Miner is a certified add-on and is freely available in the Sisense Marketplace.

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Proven Technology from Sisense Labs

Insight Miner is a Sisense Labs augmented intelligence technology that is currently used in these other Sisense applications:


Sisense Boto

Sisense Boto uses Insight Miner to uncover hidden insights shared on chat messaging platforms.

AI Exploration

Coming soon from Sisense Labs!

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