Sisense Blox

Turn Your Dashboards into Actionable Analytics Applications

Integrate application-like functionality and let users respond to actionable intelligencein external applications from within their own dashboard.

Analytics and Action, Anywhere you need them

Sisense BloX enables you to deliver highly-responsive, tailor-made analytic apps where users can take actions. Build advanced design capabilities and craft your own actions using SDK or out-of-the-box templates to deliver the experience you want to drive user adoption.

Try it for yourself

With Sisense BloX, my team has the functionality they need to build “full circle” data experiences. BloX unleashes additional analytics functionality that will streamline workflows and decision making in the e-commerce industry.


It’s Easier than Ever to Create Custom Analytics Applications


Combine Analytics
and Action


User Efficiency

Save Coding Time
and Money

Drive User Engagement and Adoption

Add New Templates and Customize Your Own

Use Writebacks and Webhooks to Launch Processes

Empower Your Users with
Actions Beyond Dashboards

BloX widgets are easy to create and can stand side-by-side with other dashboard widgets. This puts the information and the action right where you need it most.