with a Complete Business
Intelligence Solution in the Cloud

Sisense Cloud gives you the analytics and insights you need, without worrying about hardware or IT. Now you can focus on what really matters: giving your business users, analysts and customers the data they want to see, analyze and visualize, when and where they need it.


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More Power to Business Users

Sisense Cloud allows you to deploy a complete cloud-based business intelligence platform that’s owned entirely by the business units that need it, in an agile and cost-effective way.

Flying birds

No Servers,
No Maintenance,
No Hassle.

Forget about infrastructure, version upgrades or maintenance – it’s all on us. Skip the technical implementation and jump right into analytics and web dashboards to further simplify your complex data.

End-to-End Self Service

Sisense Cloud makes it even easier for business users to reap the benefits of self-service data preparation and visualization, and to get the most value from data with internal or customer-facing analytics.

Always Available, Always Fast.

Data is the lifeblood of your business, and with Sisense Cloud, business analytics is always available and performance is always amazing – with optimized cloud servers, 24/7 system monitoring, issue anticipation and prevention, and direct access to our technical support experts.

Your Data is Protected.

Data security is serious business – Which is why Sisense Cloud uses encrypted data channels and isolated servers per client, so you can rest assured that any sensitive information is entirely safe.

Data Security

A Proven Solution.

Join thousands of users in industry-leading companies who interact with Sisense in the Cloud every day, through any device with a browser or the mobile app.


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