BI for Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies routinely fail to tell their social responsibility story effectively, both externally and internally. Business intelligence can effectively collect, assess, and communicate your company’s sustainability metrics.

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The social responsibility of your company is becoming increasingly important.

But most companies struggle to inform employees, customers, shareholders, and stakeholders about how they are managing social and environmental issues. Throw in the popularity of social media, and it becomes even more of a challenge. Some companies understate their accomplishments, and some companies overstate their impact, while some companies wind up not communicating at all.

That’s where Sisense Business Intelligence can help. Sisense will make sense of what you do and don’t do in sustainability. Insights will be instantly accessible to everyone, everywhere regardless of technical ability.From analyzing complex IoT data to mining historic data from legacy systems, users of any kind – even non-technical ones – can answer game-changing questions like:

How to Measure & Monitor the Amount of Waste our Company Generate?
What is the Monthly
kWh Consumed
by our Company?

What’s the
Secret Sauce?

For most non-technical decision makers, how Sisense works isn’t as important as how well it works. But for IT decision makers, we know you’ll want to know more about our In-Chip® Engine and Single-Stack® Architecture to understand why Sisense is one of the most innovative data analytics solutions available today.

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