KPI Dashboard Templates for Customer Service

Improve customer satisfaction and retention KPIs

Call Center Analytics

Managing a call center requires being constantly dialled into the latest metrics and KPIs so you can reduce handling times, increase productivity, and meet service level agreements. Call centers are committed to delivering the highest level of service to their customers, which is why they need to be able to meticulously monitor their performance.

This BI solution increases the visibility of real time, business-critical metrics providing the company with the information needed to respond to challenges before they become crises.

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Customer Satisfaction / Net Promoter Score

Understanding how satisfied and therefore how loyal your customers might be is important from any company to know because happy and returning customers are likely to grow future revenue and profits.

However, most customers surveys are complex, expensive and hard to interpret. In response to this, the net promoter score was developed as ‘the one number you need to know’: how likely is that you would recommend company/product/service to a friend or colleague? This template gives you a framework for monitoring your customers’ level of satisfaction based on this metric.

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Help Desk Tickets

This solution will cover the main business questions we’re expecting to find in B2B Help Desk activity. We’d like to analyze our backlog of tickets and measure our agent’s efficiency against our benchmarks/goals. Moreover, we’ll be able to advise product development teams on weak areas within our product by analyzing the nature of our customer’s tickets.

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Support Representative Efficiency

A common mistake for Call Centers that want to improve their SLA is to increase their workforce. This may not necessarily help.

This solution is used to measure support representatives: Identifying hidden unemployment, strengths, weaknesses, what to focus on in workshops, etc.

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