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Minimize losses from insurance claims and answer customers quicker with insurance data analytics.

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BI For Insurance

Measure Claims Costs, Optimize Outcomes, and Give Better Customer Service

Extend your insurance company beyond static, outdated reports by monitoring information on an ongoing basis. Use analytics and BI to proactively search for insights, keep constant track of the claims made from different policies, and uncover more opportunities in existing accounts.

Connect to big data insurance sources and transform your insurance business with insights from hundreds of external data points around vehicles, health, property, weather, and more. Use the insights to price policy premiums accurately, so your customer pays a fair dividend for coverage while your company remains profitable.

BI in insurance increases customer satisfaction by reducing the amount of time it takes to process claims, leading to faster answers to everyday customer questions. Start analyzing insurance data with insurance analytics software and answer game-changing questions like:

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For most non-technical decision makers, how Sisense works isn’t as important as how well it works. But for IT decision makers, we know you’ll want to know more about our In-Chip® Engine and Single-Stack® Architecture to understand why Sisense is one of the most innovative data analytics solutions available today.

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Our biggest win with Sisense is definitely our client platform. [Our clients] love interacting with them, having the opportunity to not just have the data there but also have a great visualization of the data.

Angela Occhiogrosso,

Sisense’s performance was clear when we saw how quickly we could put together a Sisense cube. The product itself was just so easy to deploy, it amazed us.

Brent Allen,

Sisense is so much more than just analytics and dashboards for us. It has become an indispensable operational management tool.

Dean Feener,

Using the Sisense solution gives us the flexibility to quickly answer questions from our seniors or customers when it matters.

Fabrice Valentin,