BI Software for PPC Optimization - Your Secret Weapon

Your competitors are using the same PPC tools and strategies as you are. To gain a substantial competitive advantage, you need a way to pull ahead of the pack. Sisense is your secret weapon to win the PPC war! With Sisense, you will discover PPC strategies which will increase click-throughs and conversions while significantly lowering cost-per-click and cost-per-conversion. While Sisense comes with unique, ready-to-use PPC optimization dashboard reports (just enter your Google AdWords account login and Sisense will do the rest), the beauty of Sisense is how easy it makes it to customize reports and create new ones. With Sisense BI and dashboard software, your marketing creativity and ingenuity will find an environment ripe with opportunities to develop and extend an impressive competitive advantage.

Easily mash up data from multiple data sources (e.g., Google AdWords, Google Analytics, your on-premises or cloud CRM, in-house operational databases) and create queries, reports and dashboards with unlimited flexibility. Update data sources at any time. There is no need for a separate data warehouse, pre-aggregations, pre-calculations, or OLAP cubes. Immediately run complex, ad hoc queries on any amount of data from any number of sources. And easily share your reports and dashboards with any number of other users via the Web.

Included, Ready-To-Use Reports and Dashboards

The following PPC optimization reports and dashboards are included with Sisense and are ready for use (just enter your Google AdWords account login to get started). However, they are really just starting points for you to customize and create your own, unique queries and analytics! Be prepared to exercise your marketing creativity to create new and original analytics to discover the “unknown unknowns” lurking in your data, and gain tremendous competitive advantage with PPC intelligence that no one else will have. It is so easy and flexible to analyze anything in any way that you will be developing your own, unique optimization strategies in no time!

These sample reports are provided to get you started with Sisense, and to understand the possibilities that Sisense puts at your fingertips. You will take your online marketing and online marketing KPIs to the next level by continuously creating new, original queries and analysis reports using Sisense’s visual, drag-and-drop tools. And when you discover how easy it is to mash up data from Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Yahoo Analytics, your CRM, your in-house operational databases, etc., you’ll wonder how you ever did online marketing without Sisense!

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