Drive product adoption

Enhance existing products and build new products infused with analytic experiences to drive customer engagement and retention.

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Enhance your products fast and boost product adoption with embedded AI-powered intelligence

Uplevel your customer experience and increase user adoption, by enabling better decision-making through intelligence, not just data. Embed cutting-edge analytics into your products in a seamless, fully branded and customized way so your customers will not know where analytics ends and their workflow starts.

Deliver seamless analytics in your products

Leverage extensive embedding and customization to deliver the exact experience you want.

  • Leverage extensive embedding and customization to deliver the exact experience you want.
  • Fully white-label and customize analytics to provide a consistent look and feel
  • Integrate analytics into any workflow to automate next-step actions

Delight your customers with innovative AI-powered insights

Help customers go beyond standard analytics with forward-looking intelligence without the need for advanced tech expertise.

  • Augment customer experiences automatically with AI and machine learning
  • Enable deeper self-service & predictive analytics using natural language
  • Create robust forward-looking analytics with SQL, R & Python

Get to market fast, without a heavy engineering lift

With the leading embedded analytics platform, you have the right tools to get to market faster.

  • Minimize disruption to engineering with drag and drop capabilities to build rich, interactive analytic
  • Embed fast with code-free iFrames to low-code APIs to custom SDKs
  • Maximize engineering output by leveraging a pre-built, award-winning embedded analytics platform rather than building from scratch

Future-proof your solution for growth and change

Scale with agility and performance with the most flexible, API-first analytics platform.

  • Automate workflows programmatically to manage growing users and use cases
  • Scale resources on demand to meet higher loads and concurrency
  • Deploy on any cloud or on-premises to adapt to change and avoid vendor lock-in

Provide analytics customized specifically to your customers, precisely where they need it 

Create a seamless experience for your customers and boost product adoption, with API-first embedded analytics. Sisense Analytics for your Customers enables you to infuse fully white-labeled and customized analytics into customer applications and workflows.  Discover how you can use analytics customized to your needs. Use the Sisense embedded playground to find out more . 

Explore the Sisense Embedded Playground here

“With Sisense we have empowered our consultants and analysts to produce their own reports and release these directly to our customers.”

Tom W. Head Of Software Development

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