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We love startups. Not long ago, we were one, and now Sisense wants to help fuel the growth of other startups with Sisense Startup – a program that gives innovative startups complimentary access to embed Analytics and Reporting into their product. The goal is to improve your product offering, drive ROI, and gain market momentum – all while supporting your startup with strategic mentoring from the leaders at Sisense.

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We’ll Give Your Startup Powerful Embedded Analytics & Reporting

We see it like this: Use your domain expertise to focus on getting your startup off the ground, and we will take care of the BI & analytics – giving you the fastest way to put powerful BI capabilities into your product and into the hands of your end users, by providing a strong technical foundation for complex data analysis. Your startup will have access to exclusive guidance from the experts here at Sisense in a program designed to take startups to the next stage of growth.

Helping Innovative Startups Reach the Next Level

Sisense is partnering with VC firms, incubators, and startup community event companies like Web Summit to offer early-stage startups the ability to embed Sisense BI and Analytics technology within their product. We want to help you reach the next level by developing a strong, long-term relationship with your startup

Program Overview

Real Analytics, Real Insights
Right in Your Product

Sisense is an end-to-end, single stack BI solution that lets you easily prepare, analyze, and visualize complex data without any additional tools – so that you and your users will have everything you need to crunch big data from multiple sources, and build beautiful customer-facing dashboards.

Why embed BI?

About the Sisense Product: Embedded BI

Instant Implementation
and White-Labeling

Connect to your data sources in a click, create a drag-and-drop data model, and immediately start building customer-facing, HTML5 dashboards and reports. Add your own branding and customizations independently.

Dashboard Examples

API-First Design for
Complete Customizability

Developers love Sisense because it can be embedded easily on top of any platform and enables them to build their own amazing data product using an extremely powerful backbone. Every element in Sisense is designed to be accessed and modified via extensively documented JavaScript and REST API. Sisense offers open api to control almost anything via rest apis and it comes with single-click SSO and Active Directory integration to make your life easier.

Scale to Terabytes

The powerful In-Chip™ data engine that powers Sisense makes it perfect for startups to crunch big data with small hardware at unparalleled speed – and with no need for significant IT budgets and resources to analyze and prep data. Performance never suffers, even when working with big data, dozens of disparate data sources, and huge amounts of concurrent users.

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Our active community is the place to be: join the forums to resolve any question or issue with the help of our thousands of users from around the world, and the experts and solution architects at Sisense.

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Sisense is offering innovative startups an exclusive opportunity: Embed Sisense’s market-leading BI technology within your product to improve your product offering, drive ROI, and gain market momentum.

Sisense’s goal is to help other bright startups become the next BIG THING. Because of our humble beginnings and steady success we want to give back to the startup world with the Sisense Startup initiative. Sisense Startup gives chosen startup companies the ability to add a game-changing BI dimension into their startup supported by expertise and guidance from the experts at Sisense.

Our offering:
Use your domain expertise to focus on getting your startup off the ground, and we will take care of the BI & analytics – giving you customer-facing dashboards and a strong technical foundation for data analysis.



Sisense is partnering with VC firms, incubators, and industry leading startup community and event companies like Web Summit to launch Sisense Startup, which is a program that gives early-stage companies complimentary access to embed Sisense’s innovative business intelligence platform, as well as invaluable insights and advice from the company’s executives on how to excel in fast-growth business environments.

Having grown Sisense from a fast-paced startup to a market visionary, Sisense’s leaders have unique insights to share with the startup community. Early-stage startups will benefit from Sisense’s own startup experience, growth and enterprise client knowledge as they gain access to successful executive strategies, in a program designed to help startups take their businesses to the next stage of growth.
Becoming part of Sisense Startup allows you to deliver the added value of analytics to your customers, so your startup can more quickly stand apart in the market and become the next unicorn. Sisense is built to scale rapidly with the ability to deploy a technology foundation that will easily grow and evolve with your business. As your startup grows, we hope to grow with you and develop a long term partnership.
Sisense is a market-leading BI Analytics platform, built to handle complex data. The combination of Sisense’s unique In-Chip™ technology and full-stack platform eliminate the need for significant IT resources to analyze and prep data. This foundation of self-service business analytics is well-suited for early-stage startups that are looking to embed BI to deliver greater insights to their customers.
Sisense Startup has partnered with some of the world’s leading VC firms (such as BVP, DFJ and Battery Ventures), accelerators, and technology event companies (such as Web Summit),to provide promising startups with complimentary use of our market-leading embedded analytics technology. Eligible startups affiliated with Sisense Startup Partner organizations will be given the ability to embed Sisense into their product to increase the value, adoption, and competitiveness of the solution.
All seed-funded, pre-series A startups that are affiliated with one of our strategic partners can apply to Sisense Startup. If they are accepted into the program, they will be able to embed Sisense into their product for free for a duration of 12 months.
Anyone who is affiliated with one of our strategic partners (see list here), will receive an email from the partner with a unique access code. (Note: if you did not receive an email and want to, please contact your affiliated partner).

Once you have received your access code, please apply using the form on the page and insert your unique access code. Once your startup is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email from Sisense with a Welcome Package that includes the next steps you need to take to start embedding Sisense.