Online Renewal Process

Sisense’s online renewal process ensures a streamlined renewal process for your Sisense subscription. Customers enrolled as auto-renewals will receive a confirmation email approximately 10 weeks before your subscription end-date where you can choose to continue your terms as is, terminate or add additional licenses to your Sisense package.

Your confirmation email will include your contract and renewal dates, package and pricing details and the following options:

  • Renew as is – This option will renew your subscription based on the existing contract terms (EULA).
  • Do not renew – This option will discontinue your Sisense licenses and will terminate service and usage of the Sisense platform on the subscription end date.
  • Discuss with CSM – This option will indicate to your CSM your interest in discussing changes to your subscription such as adding additional licenses. Your CSM will be in contact with you shortly to discuss your options.

After clicking on your selection, you’ll be directed to an online form to submit additional details needed to complete the renewal process.

If you are not signed up for auto-renewal, or you did not receive your you auto-renewal email, please speak to your CSM.