How Organizations Use Analytics to Impact Social Change


November 15, 2018 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time

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Organizations traditionally leverage analytics to help drive business decisions around increasing revenue, decreasing loss and reducing risk. Some organizations go one step further and use analytics to promote social change. In the season of giving back, Sisense features two organizations who are leveraging Sisense analytics in a unique way leading to positive impacts on society.

Captis Intelligence
There have been major spikes in threatening social media activity by many school-shooters ahead of attacks. Captis has embedded Sisense analytics to help to establish actionable crime tracking tools which analyze social media information and extract insights to help identify credible threats of violent crime. These insights have proven to be successful, allowing security teams to be proactive instead of reactive.

CAUSE + EFFECT Strategy and Marketing
CESM works with foundations whose donors demand transparency more than ever before. That said, their need for making an emotional connection to a cause has not changed, they can simply use data to predict when and with what people will connect.. By enabling nonprofits to be data driven in their efforts, they can tell heartfelt stories of change, demonstrating impact supported by data.

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Featured Speakers

Name: Dario Brebric
Title: President
Company: Captis Intelligence

Name: Mike Sutton
Title: VP of Client Services and New Business Development
Company: CAUSE + EFFECT Strategy and Marketing

Name: Rachel Blum
Title: Sales Engineer
Company: Sisense Moderator