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Strengthen Your Business With a Cloud-First Approach to Analytics

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The way business operates is constantly evolving and, now more than ever, the pressure is on organisations to be able to pivot quickly, make bigger decisions at speed and scale - and collaborate in real-time.

But despite this pressing need, many businesses are still struggling to leverage their applications and data in the cloud, and are being held back from reaching their full potential.

Enter the next generation of cloud analytics.

Discover how with the power of Sisense and Snowflake, your business can leverage highly resilient solutions and fast-track the ways in which you and your team can unlock deeper, more actionable insights.

Join this webinar to:

  • Learn how Snowflake and Sisense work together to deliver the best in breed data analytics solution when agility is a priority
  • Understand the technologies and architecture used to build the right cloud-native environment to reap optimum results
  • How to unlock more value from your cloud-native analytics, faster, more accurately - and at scale

Featured Speakers

Scott Castle, VP & GM for Sisense for Cloud Data Teams, Sisense

Scott Castle

GM, Data Engineering Business


Louis Lee

Sales Engineer


Eyal Mekler




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