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More Analytics, Better Results: Transforming the Financial Industry with Sisense

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Customer Experience Showcase

Our customers use Sisense for a variety of analytics use cases, to seamlessly embed analytics, making them accessible by all kinds of applications and users; to leverage code-driven tools to quickly perform advanced analysis in a single environment; to scale analytics across organizations, simplifying complex data and unlocking insights for business users.  

Data and analytics has transformed the Financial Industry to open up new revenue streams, increase security, and streamline workflows. In this panel event, you’ll hear from, and have a chance to ask questions, to Sisense customers in the Financial Industry, as they share how they use Sisense to gain important insights that shorten reporting processes, remove bottlenecks, and increase efficiency, while giving control back to the users.

What you will learn: 

  • How customers are maximizing value and ROI from analytics using the full Sisense platform.
  • Understand each customer’s use case, their specific goals and outcomes. 
  • Best practices and lessons learned from four different perspectives so you can take learnings back to your businesses. 

Featured Speakers

Adam Bender

Finance and Business Intelligence Manager

Park Dental & The Dental Specialists

Malinda Jepsen

Business Intelligence Specialist

Orion Advisor Services

Henry Jackson

Director, BI and Data Management

Colonial Savings

Wen-Ying Feng

Vice President of Analytics


Andrew Loomis

Senior Customer Success Manager


Miranda Nghiem

Customer Success Manager


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