Top Tips for Optimizing your Sales Process using and Sisense

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Driving Actionable Insights! is the #1 conversation intelligence platform for analyzing and optimizing sales team performance and helps teams generate more revenue by having better sales conversations. Sisense uses to help our sales team optimize the sales process to consistently over-perform their targets.

By enriching data and utilizing advanced Machine Learning techniques, we can now derive actionable insights for optimizing our sales process.

Join this webinar to see how, based on the analysis of 1M sales calls, and Sisense have turned the average reps into superstars, and learn how to utilize the same techniques to uncover actionable insights from your own data.

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Live Webinar Topics Covered

Speakers Adi Azaria, Co-Founder, Chief Evangelist at Sisense and Chris Orlob, ‎Senior Director, Product Marketing at will discuss the following topics:

  • Introduction to and 5 tips for optimizing the sales process
  • Enriching data for deeper insights
  • Using Sisense’s Insight Miner to turn insights into actionable insights