How to Successfully Embed an Analytics Solution

A 3-Part LIVE Webinar Series

You’ve made the business decision to embed analytics into your product or service. Now what? This three-part webinar series will help prepare you as you plan your requirements, implementation, and go-to-market strategy. Gain best practices and lessons from the trenches from a mix of subject matter experts and Sisense customers who have successfully brought an embedded analytics solution to market.

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Using Your Customer Requirements to Drive Your Embedded Analytics Strategy

Delivering analytics as a product or service offering can be a game-changer. Where to begin though? What insights and capabilities will add value to the customer? Tessitura Network will describe how they started first, with their customers, to conceptualize their Embedded Strategy and ultimately build a Sisense-based analytics solution.

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How to Craft Your Embedded Analytics Go-To-Market Strategy using Best Practices

Have you considered monetizing actionable insights while delivering incremental value to your customers, and modernizing your brand? Most organizations manage or have access to data, which, with the right technology and Go-To-Market strategy can be converted into goldmines for themselves and their customers. In this Webinar we’ll review key components to consider in order to extract that value and maximize ROI.

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Embedded Analytics: Decoding Successful Implementation

You have laid the groundwork and put in the effort to understand your customer needs and design the right metrics to create a great embedded analytics product. But how do you go from business requirements to implementation and successful launch? Join us as we speak to Innovaccer Inc to learn about the ingredients that went into their successful Embedded Analytics launch to clients in just 30 days!

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