Embedded Analytics: Decoding Successful Implementation

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You have laid the groundwork and put in the effort to understand your customer needs and design the right metrics to create a great embedded analytics product. But how do you go from business requirements to implementation and successful launch? How do you weigh the different implementation choices available and the cost-benefit of those choices? What are the best practices and challenges to consider and overcome when implementing your embedded solution?

Join us as we speak to Innovaccer Inc to learn about the ingredients that went into their successful Embedded Analytics launch to clients in just 30 days!

In this Webinar, we will discuss the following topics:

  • Embedded OEM implementation paths (ie, Inline vs. Infused embedded approach, multi tenant vs. single tenant data hub, user authentication choices)
  • Common embedded implementation challenges and how to overcome them
  • Best practice, pitfalls to avoid and embedded process considerations

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Name: Shruthi Panicker
Title: Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager
Company: Sisense

Name: Siddhant Bhomia
Title: Director of Product Management
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