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The Analytics Lifecycle: From Data to Deployment

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Data-Driven Business

Sisense is joining forces with our Partner in the Nordics Region, Hackberry, a leading consultancy focused on helping companies create and deliver data-driven, mobile applications.  Hackberry works with Sisense to deliver embedded analytics within customer-facing applications. .

Increasingly, many companies realize that data and analytics can be used to fuel their growth, especially data in the cloud. Through the use of a BI platform, companies are transforming from individual data experts, to build a dynamic, modern data team. 

Building a data team will accelerate growth and support new business scenarios, with data at the heart of important business decisions. The cloud offers numerous benefits, so through a Cloud Data Teams demo, we will show our platform to share examples of machine learning that enable predictive analytics with SQL, R, and Python through one environment.

What you will learn:

  • Why analyzing your data and using insights to differentiate yourself is so important in today's start-up landscape
  • The Importance of having a data team and considerations when putting together a good data team
  • Examples of how collaborative data teams enhance an organization’s ability to build, distribute, and operationalize analytics.
  • Understand the trends, technologies and architecture used to build cloud-native applications and embed analytics into mobile applications.
  • Learn how democratizing analytics and actionable intelligence can enable modern organizations to monetize data.

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Thomas Nord



Laurits Thomsen

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