BARC BI Survey 2016

Sisense Highlights

See how thousands of users ranked Sisense and other leading business intelligence tools based on business benefits, price-to-value, customer satisfaction and more

BARC BI survey results for Sisense, Qlik, Tableau and others

BARC’s business intelligence survey is one of the largest and most comprehensive studies of BI end users. The analysis aggregates the answers given by 3,137 respondents, who were asked to rate their usage of various BI platforms based on a series of criteria.

Sisense received excellent scores in the 2016 survey, and was the top ranked tool for business benefits, business value and vendor support among visual discovery-focused products.

Download the highlight report to see how Sisense performed in the survey, and how it compared to the 36 other BI products which were reviewed.

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See how users ranked BI tools based on:

  • Business benefits achieved
  • Business value
  • Project success
  • Price-to-value perception
  • Cloud BI
  • Operational BI
  • Competitive win rate
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Ease of use
  • Customer experience
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“Sisense customers firmly endorse the product’s ability to deliver business benefits. The company takes first place in this important KPI, topping its competition in the visual discovery-focused products peer group while achieving a leading position in both the dashboarding and Americas-focused peer groups.”

Sisense Customers