Cutting the Cost of Business Analytics

What Will You Learn?

This whitepaper will help you understand all the contributing factors towards the total cost of ownership in a business analytics solution so that you can make purchase decisions that will reduce your overall pricing & costs. Technologies included:

  • Licensing Costs
  • Integration Costs
  • Subscription vs Perpetual Costs
  • Hardware
  • Professional Services
  • Human Capital

What's in This Whitepaper?

In this whitepaper, you will get an overall view of all the contributing business analytics cost elements that make up the total cost of ownership – beyond the obvious licensing fees. For each element, you will be presented with factors to consider and best-bets to lower your business analytics pricing & costs.

Why Should You Read It?

Anyone that needs to understand the full total cost of ownership for a business analytics solution should read this whitepaper. Typically, the purchasing agent concentrates on the initial cost of the business analytics acquisition’s software license. However, there are other critical expenditures that will come into play. While reading this paper, you will be able to select technologies that minimize some of the costly elements not normally considered in the total cost.

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Scalability and flexibility of a software determines the longevity of the software. Opt for a scope that is too narrow, and you could see your BI strategy hit a roadblock in just a few years (or even months) as data sources grow and your company requirements change. Start out by considering how much data you’ll have in the next 3 years.

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