Is Your BI REALLY Self-Service? This 9-Step Test Helps You Figure It Out

A lot of vendors claim to offer self-service BI, but what does that actually mean? To help you cut through the jargon and understand what you’re getting yourself into, we’ve created this clear, practical framework, helping you to compare how much independence a “self-service” option really offers.

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Who Should Read This?

  • If you head up the business development side of your organization and need to make sure you’ll have direct access to the right kind of insights and analysis to meet your goals, this whitepaper is for you.
  • Likewise if you’re an IT professional looking for a failsafe way to provide the right self-service BI system to non-techie colleagues, without creating a huge workload for your team.
These nine push and pull factors will give you a much clearer idea of which conditions facilitate independence, as well as the friction points that limit it. It’s a tried-and-tested approach that guides you through the essential questions you need to ask your vendor, enabling you to choose the best BI solution for your business.

Is Your BI REALLY Self-Service

“We’ve talked a lot about independence, but what does that mean? To be realistically described as “independent,” you as the user need to be able to run any data analysis task from start to finish, within an actionable timeframe and without help from anyone else.”