Compare Ad Hoc Reporting in Top BI Technologies

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Inside The Guide:

  • Why You Need Ad Hoc Reporting In Your BI Tool
  • How Does It Work: The Technology Behind Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Compare Ad Hoc Reporting in Top BI Technologies: In-Memory, OLAP, In-Database with Sisense


Ad hoc reporting – responsive reporting that you can run when you need it, on top of your standard, regular reporting – allows business users to ask new questions as they come up.

Though ad hoc reporting is commonly offered by BI and analytics tools, their range of functionality varies: Some BI tools truly empower any business user to instantly get the answers they need when they need them, while others fall short of providing a complete ad hoc reporting experience due to sluggish technology. This guide will help you compare ad hoc reporting across top BI technologies to find the best fit for your needs.

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Many BI vendors offer ad hoc reporting, but the reality doesn’t always match expectations. You need a genuinely self-service, data-driven system that lets business users drill down to the details and manipulate queries, formulas, and dashboards without technical support.”

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