How to Find a BI Solution with Great Customer Support

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Inside the Whitepaper:

  • What constitutes topnotch customer support
  • Six common BI problems customer support (should) solve
  • Verified analysts reports & review sites to evaluate BI solutions’ customer support

Who Should Read This:

If you are looking for a Business Intelligence solution that your company will actually use, and/or are responsible for how well your company rolls out, uses, and adopts a BI solution – this guide is for you.

What You’ll Learn:

Customer Support is the hands-on assistance supplied from the Business Intelligence (BI) vendor with their team of experts. Great customer support will ensure your company rolls out, uses, and adopts the BI solution – determining its overall success.

Learn what constitutes great customer support, six common BI problems that customer support can solve, and the verified review sites and reports that evaluate a BI solution’s customer support.

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“Customer support team should be set up ready to provide you with support for implementation, scaling, modeling data, and generally to help you make the most of your analytics tools – with a goal of end-user enablement.”

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