GoFigure Analysis: Google Play Research - What You Need to Build a Kickass App

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We examined the distribution of apps categories, to discover what extent users are satisfied with their apps and whether user satisfaction correlates with popularity in terms of download.

What Will You Learn?

  • What are the most interesting app categories - communication, social, family, beauty, games etc.?
  • Does the number of downloads represent popularity and engagement?
  • Which app categories are users most satisfied or dissatisfied with?
  • Which are the most popular or highest rated apps by category?

Why Should You Read It?

As the market for apps has escalated and matured, it’s no longer sufficient to identify successful apps based simply on the number of downloads.

This analysis of apps in the Google Play Store extends beyond identifying individual apps and instead examines a range of considerations such as install numbers, ranking, reviews, and category. It generates a more accurate picture of how businesses can make their apps work best for them and their customers.

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The segmentation by category, rank, install numbers and reviews has enabled us to gain fresh insights into what engages users and where the opportunities are for businesses looking to develop new apps.

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