Go Figure World Happiness

What Will You Learn?

An original, regional happiness analysis focusing on:

  • The level of happiness in distinct countries, regions, and continents
  • The indicators related to happiness in the general population, regions, and continents
  • The level of happiness in countries with a higher incidence of refugees
  • The effect of having a greater GDP on happiness

What's in This Whitepaper?

This GoFigure report explores the levels of happiness of people on a regional level, across the continents. The report connects regional happiness with the indicators of economics, security, Health Life Expectancy, and Trust in Government in that country.

Why Should You Read It?

Most of us believe we don't need a formal definition of happiness, as when we feel it, we know it. But what is happiness, and how can we measure it?

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With so many people in the pursuit of happiness, we decided to dig into the data and see if we can give new meaning to happiness on a regional level.

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