Women, Wardrobes, and Websites Tapping into What Women Buy Online

This original GoFigure analysis uncovers the online shopping habits and level of satisfaction of female consumers.
This report answers the following questions:

  • How do women rank their clothes purchases online?
  • Which age groups give higher ranks?
  • What is the mix of clothing items women buy online?
  • What is the level of satisfaction (ranking) from specific clothing items between age groups?

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In this GoFigure analysis, we used a public dataset on Kaggle that included women clothing e-commerce reviews and mashed it up with data from more than 20,000 online purchase reviews of clothing items. The results are categorized and listed according to four age groups of women – Generation Z (18-29), Millennial (30-39), Generation X (40-49) and Baby Boomer women (50+).

Women, Wardrobes, and Websites

“This analysis breaks down the habits and satisfaction of women's online purchases based on age and clothing type.”