AWS Honeypot Data: Visualizing the Threat of Cyberattacks

GoFigure Original Analysis - AWS Honeypot Data: Visualizing the Threat of Cyberattacks

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn how cyberattacks develop
  • Shed light on different attack patterns
  • Find ways to mitigate and protect an organization
  • Determine which measures are working for your organization

What's in This Whitepaper?

This report delves into a dataset from a Kaggel report of six months of successfully-deflected honeypot attacks made against AWS servers.

We compare two types of cyberattacks, considering the time and duration of the attacks, the intensity of the attacks (number of attacks/attempts) and the country source of the attackers.

We introduce abnormality of cyberattacks at different times (week/days/hours/seconds) and by the origin of the attack (place).

Why Should You Read It?

Amazon IT teams set up a honeypot system that, to outsiders, looks like the Amazon network. They monitor traffic to such systems, and they can see where the attacks are coming from, how they operate, and what they want. This helps determine which security measures are working and which ones may need improvement.

This report analyzes this data set to decipher and visualize types of cyber attacks in order to learn how they develop, understand different attack patterns, and help minimize and protect your organization.

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Analyzing the data on cyberattacks and using a Sisense dashboard can help anyone diveĀ into these attacks and learn how they develop.

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