What Google Data Reveals About America’s Growing Health Problems

See what health issues Americans are searching for:

    • Where are the highest search rates for rehab and obesity?
    • Where is cancer ranked since dropping from 1st place?
    • Which metropolitan areas are searching for vaccines?
    • PLUS – What is the most searched-for health topic from 2015-2017?


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The US health climate is shifting and this report shows just how much.

As the internet has become more available to everyone, searching for health issues opens a new way to gain insights into where and what Americans are concerned about.

This report reveals large discrepancies in location-based searches and pinpoints areas of possible and particular distress.

*Based on a public dataset from Kaggle’s open source data that examines Google Trends API search results into health topics between the years of 2004-2017.  

What Do Americans Search for Online?

“This report sheds light on extreme and isolated growth in certain health care topics per state and metropolitan areas”