7 Minutes to Win: The Action During an eBay Auction

GoFigure Analysis on eBay Auction Strategies

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Learn what the data says about players, winners, and the strategies you need to win:

What Will You Learn?

  • What is the chance for a player to win?
  • What is the player's strategy to win?
  • What is the distribution of bids during the bid time?
  • What is the percentage of bids created during the last 30 and 15 seconds?

What's in This Whitepaper?

Our findings point to the fairness of the auction, and the significant opportunity for buyers to win with the highest bid. Based on the Kaggle data, we explored the auction behavior phenomena regarding 3 products in the dataset: Cartier Wristwatch, the Palm Pilot M515 PDA, and the Xbox Game Console.

Why Should You Read It?

Every eBay auction has a winner, and the highest price in a given auction wins. The seller must sell the item at the highest price of the auction. The general chance you have of winning if you participate in a typical auction is 21%. You can better your chances of winning if you have the right strategy. This report uncovers the strategies that are used for winning bids, and how they can be leveraged in eBay auctions.

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When it comes to eBay auctions, there is a definite strategy that shows up in the data and analysis.

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