Where’s the food? Insights into Chinese food delivery

How can Chinese restaurants ensure you get your order on time?

    • What is the best day to order Chinese food for quickest delivery?
    • Who is ordering Chinese food on any given day?
    • Do age and gender play a role in Chinese food ordering?
    • If your order costs more, will it get delivered faster?
    • What factors contribute most to deliveries taking longer?


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Everyone loves ordering Chinese food but no one likes when it's late. We’ve analyzed restaurant data to find insights into who is most likely to order at a given time, and how long they can expect to wait. Most importantly, according to the data, what can be done to ensure you get your food fast?

Read our report to find out and play with our interactive analytics dashboard to gain even more insight into Chinese food delivery.

Where's the food? Insights into Chinese food delivery

“If there’s one thing we can all agree on in life, it’s that we don’t want to wait a long time for our Chinese food delivery!”