How to Choose a BI Solution Your Company Will Actually Use

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Who Should Read This:

If you are responsible for choosing a Business Intelligence solution and want to make sure it’s one that actually gets used – and gives your company value – this guide is for you..

Learn the step-by-step process to:

  • Gain internal consensus from stakeholders
  • Identify all key buyers
  • Translate feedback into technology requirements
  • Get your team to adopt a BI tool

What You’ll Learn:

When it comes to Business Intelligence, the importance of gaining early internal consensus within your organization is paramount to its success. This guide will take you step-by-step through the process of ensuring your team gives you the knowledge you need to choose the right BI solution and get everyone on board after implementation.

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“if you don’t understand current challenges, what users want, and what factors shape their daily working processes, you won’t get the feedback, enthusiasm and uptake to make your project a success."

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