Sisense vs Mode Guidelines For Comparing BI Vendors

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Choosing the right BI and analytics platform for your organization can be challenging. Every platform has different strengths, offering varying benefits, and every organization differs in terms of what they need.

When considering Sisense or Mode, it’s important to understand each platform’s functionality and capabilities, its ease of use, adaptability, flexibility, and scalability.

In this simple guide, you’ll find the key questions to ask, and some of the major benefits of each of our BI and analytics packages — Sisense for Cloud Data Teams, Sisense for BI and Analytics Teams, and Sisense for Product Teams, including:

  • Highly interactive dashboards, easy-to-use intuitive UI
  • Deep analysis with powerful AI and machine learning with predictive capabilities
  • Broad range of deployment, on-premise or on the cloud, on Windows or Linux
  • Future-proof microservices architecture
  • API-first technology to enable a customizable user experience

. . . and more

Sisense is the leading independent analytics provider, delivering the industry’s most complete, innovative and open analytics solution

Learn how to choose a vendor that fits your business needs and your business model.

Sisense vs Mode

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“Mode or Sisense: BI Vendors’ Comparison. Find Out Why Businesses Like Yours Choose Sisense Over Mode”

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