Streamlining Your Data Projects with MongoDB and Sisense

Read how to combine the power of MongoDB and Sisense technology for better, faster Business Intelligence.

Inside the Whitepaper:

  • What MongoDB is and how it works
  • Sisense’s MongoDB connector
  • Reconcile MongoDB with data analysis needs (SQL searches)
  • How to optimize for self-service business insights

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Who Should Read This?

The technical and semi-technical people in your company that use MongoDB or rely on its insights for the analyses. On the IT side, it gives a blueprint for a working technical solution. For business development or analytics people, it shows you how to optimize your self-service insights using your Sisense BI platform

Streamline Your Data Project with MongoDB and Sisense

“Being able to run SQL on a NoSQL environment, mash up different data sources without learning different programming languages, automate much of the process of intelligent renormalization, making MongoDB’s complex schemas workable…”