Streamlining Your Data Projects with MongoDB and Sisense

For many companies that are serious about getting the most out of their data, MongoDB has become an indispensable tool. But how do you reconcile an open-source, NoSQL database technology with your forensic data analysis needs – especially when this means running searches in SQL?

To tackle this very problem, Sisense has created a connector that allows you to work seamlessly with your MongoDB data inside the Sisense platform. You don’t need to learn the MongoDB query language or API to do it, and you can even run queries in SQL.

Read how to combine the power of MongoDB and Sisense technology for better, faster Business Intelligence.


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Who Should Read This?

  • The technical and semi-technical people in your company that use MongoDB or rely on its insights for the analyses. On the IT side, it gives a blueprint for a working technical solution. For business development or analytics people, it shows you how to optimize your self-service insights using your Sisense BI platform

Inside the Whitepaper:

  • What MongoDB is and how it works
  • Sisense’s MongoDB connector
  • Reconcile MongoDB with data analysis needs (SQL searches)
  • How to optimize for self-service business insights

Streamline Your Data Project with MongoDB and Sisense

“Being able to run SQL on a NoSQL environment, mash up different data sources without learning different programming languages, automate much of the process of intelligent renormalization, making MongoDB’s complex schemas workable…”

Sisense Customers