TDWI Data Innovations Showcase: Sisense’s Self-Service BI

Self-service BI tools often don’t tackle the data analyst’s biggest problem: preparing data for analysis. Learn about Sisense, the most agile self-service BI tool on the market as featured in TDWI’s Data Innovations Showcase, with innovative technology that radically reduces the need for upfront data preparation and modeling.

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  • Traditional takes on self-service BI and common problems
  • In-depth look at In-Chip™ technology, the new class of self-service BI
  • Components of true self-service BI: end-to-end platform, data prep automation & more

Agile Self-Service Accelerates Decision Making

“A new class of self-service tool optimized for the caching capabilities of modern microprocessors has in-chip technology that can radically reduce the need for upfront data preparation and modeling. Such accelerated analytics can help drive faster decision making and bottom-line impact.”