The Biggest BI Trends for 2018

What’s In This Whitepaper?

The disruptive effects of automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language generation continue to shape the Business Intelligence landscape. Data analytics is getting smarter, more streamlined and more readily available to business users and others who lack a data science background.

Why Should You Read It?

To keep ahead of the game, it’s vital to understand how new developments and evolutions in these technologies will change the way Business Intelligence is delivered in the coming years.

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What Will You Learn?

    In this whitepaper, we explore the biggest business intelligence trends that are set to influence the BI world in 2018:

  • How will augmented analytics be used
  • Where is collaborative BI going
  • Who will use embedded analytics
  • and more

The Biggest BI Trends for 2018

“This paper has our top observations for the coming year, giving you a comprehensive overview of developments that will shape the BI landscape in 2018. “

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