The Real Cost Factors of Embedded Analytics

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What Will You Learn?

This paper reviews the cost factors involved in a BA pricing model for embedded analytics and reveals how to save costs for embedded analytics projects through:

  • License Costs
  • Integration Costs - Full stack vs Components
  • Subscription vs Perpetual
  • Hardware, Professional Services, and Human Capital

The Real Cost of Embedded Analytics

What's in This Whitepaper?

Embedded analytics has become a mandatory element of any business strategy to improve competitive advantage and drive better business performance. As organizations strive to give customers more analytical insights from their product or service, it is becoming clear that the costs and complexity of embedding analytics extend beyond the initial software license acquisition.

Why Should You Read It?

Find out what a complete embedded analytics BA platform will cost and find ways to lower the total cost of ownership for any embedded analytics project.

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Anticipate the licensing, hardware and startup costs to be about 20% of your TCO, with ongoing maintenance, staffing, and integrations accounting for the remaining 80%.

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