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Adam Blau is a go-to-market strategist who's spent over a decade in the technology world in both sales and sales leadership roles. Currently, he focuses on helping internal and external partners better position their strategy and activities to take advantage of the rapidly evolving business intelligence landscape and data ecosystem.
BI Best Practices | 7 min read

Delivering Data Security Across Your Organization

Quick question: does your company have data? Sorry, that one was probably too easy. How about this one: how...

Adam Blau avatar image Adam Blau
Sisense News | 5 min read

Our Top 5 Product Features from 2018

2018 was an exciting year on many fronts here at Sisense. From a product perspective, we’ve taken major steps...

Adam Blau avatar image Adam Blau

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Business Perspectives | 4 min read

Data helps bring creative ideas to the table

In the field of creativity and ideas, a data strategy may seem like a burden to cultivate. Especially when...

Adam Blau avatar image Adam Blau