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Radical Innovation

Sisense is focused on redefining every aspect of business analytics to make it easy for anyone to discover business insights.

Instant Impact

Get up and running instantly, so you can discover answers on the fly & deliver ROI in just weeks or months.

Customer Success

When it comes to your success, no other BI provider can match Sisense’s focus & commitment.


Instant Analytics
for All Your Data,
No Matter How Complex

You have seriously large data coming from many different sources, and you can’t get the answers you need. That’s why Sisense’s data analytics software is built to help business users take complex data and instantly create insights that drive your entire business.

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Obsessive About Your Success

Obsession with customer success is part of our DNA. We take every measure to ensure you get true business value from Sisense’s BI software. That’s why tens of thousands of users worldwide rely upon Sisense for business insights.

Designed to be used by people who need to consume and analyze large amounts of data but have little or no prior experience in data crunching

Gianmaria Griglio,

We say ‘Sisense it’ now when someone wants the answer to a question

Brent Allen,

Sisense was chosen because its [embedded analytics] was easy to use, easy to support, looks nice, and our customers like using it.

Jeremy Gerson,

When I see the bulb change, I get a real sense of satisfaction. It’s a direct way for us to see how data is changing and gives me peace of mind because I can see a light change rather than monitoring a screen.

Chris Colomb,

There’s been so much that we’ve been able to automate that it leaves [us] with the ability [and] time to analyze the data and to make decisions on that data

Luke Evans,

What we love about Sisense is that it offers our customers a way to easily dissect and manipulate the data

James Tickner,

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Did you know that Sisense is the only BI software provider that offers a full proof of concept (POC) on your own data in just 90 minutes? Contact us to get started.