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Go beyond standard intelligence to disrupt your market

Move your business forward and stand out as an industry leader by infusing the power of AI-driven analytics everywhere.

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Data Executives BI solutions

For Data Executives

Transform the business from the inside out by empowering everyone in your organization, regardless of skill level, to build better outcomes.

Product Leaders Business intelligence solutions

For Product Leaders

Create differentiated products that drive customer satisfaction without worrying about development efforts, time to market, or resources.

Business Leaders Business intelligence tools

For Business Leaders

Boost your team’s performance and achieve your objectives by infusing intelligence into your team’s workflows.


For Analysts

Build custom analytic experiences with no code, low code and code-first tools to infuse intelligence across the business.


For IT

Manage, deploy and scale analytics across the business with the most flexible analytics platform.


For Developers

Deliver seamless data experiences to customers with clean, simple workflows while maintaining full programmatic control of the integrated analytics deployment.

Infuse intelligence for all

Enhance every decision and empower everyone in the organization, regardless of skill level, to drive greater impact by making analytics a natural part of the process. Extend this impact to your own customers by infusing unique data experiences into your own products.

1 Open,

End-to-end BI software: Database, ETL, Analytics, Visualizations

Open API framework allows customization to meet your needs.


Best-in-class analytics engine, 10-100x faster than in-memory.

Easily tears through terabytes of data.

Eliminates onerous data prep work.


Smarter insights augmented by machine learning anomaly detection.


Delivery of insights beyond the dashboard.

Cutting edge technology to easily engage business users – bots, alerting, IoT and more.

We’re Ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction

Obsession with customer success is part of our DNA. We take every measure to ensure you get true business value from Sisense’s BI platform. That’s why tens of thousands of users worldwide rely upon Sisense for business insights.

James Tickner

Senior Director of Analytics Product Development

What we love about Sisense is that it offers our customers a way to easily dissect and manipulate the data.

Brent Allen

Director of Infrastructure and WebOps

We say ‘Sisense it’ now when someone wants the answer to a question.

Emanuel Nardo

Data Scientist

Sisense provides us with a powerful platform that scales alongside our business as we integrate more data sources and enable all employees to have a true self-service experience.

Nicole Sprandel

Director of Business Intelligence

We can now perform ad hoc analysis that will allow us to focus and intelligently pivot our efforts and, ultimately, realize our company’s full potential.