Manufacturing Analytics

Increase productivity and profitability with complete visibility into all your manufacturing data.

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Transform Your Data Into Insights,
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The amount of data to be stored is growing every day, but data acquisition is not a problem anymore. The challenge is to make sense of the data, reveal the patterns in it, use it for operational improvements, and to support strategic decision making. Manufacturing organizations need to adopt a BI and analytics strategy that allows timely and flexible visibility across the production lifecycle, driving agility and speed-to-market.

Disparate Data

Unify all your data sources into one data management system for a full picture of the entire manufacturing lifecycle.

Easily Adopt Across
the Entire Company

Powerful and fully-featured UI makes analyzing and delivering insight intuitive and familiar.

Deliver Insights
at the Edge

Condense immense amount of data into a lightweight neural network for analyzing and delivering insight at the edge.

Connect Operations with Industrial IoT

Accelerate the time it takes to connect, mashup, and analyze data across sensors, devices, and business systems, delivering insights into operational and business KPIs.

Connect with Supply Chain and Logistics

Connect directly to internal systems (ERP, MES, etc.) to mashup external partners’ data and get complete visibility across your supply chain.

Streamline Sales and Operations Planning

Mashup data around customer behavior, sales, and forecasting to make adjustments and maximize revenue.

Unlock Productivity and Profitability

Make sense of your manufacturing data with Sisense manufacturing analytics software. From analyzing complex IoT data, to mining historic data from legacy systems, users of any kind—even non-technical ones—can answer game-changing questions like:

Does the Quality of our Products Meet the Customer’s Needs?

How Can We Identify Trends and Impact the Production Downtime?

How Can We Maximize Productivity and Reduce Labor Costs?

Sisense Manufacturing Analytics

Data Analysis, Reports, and Dashboards for Manufacturers:

Sisense simplifies end-to-end BI and drastically reduces the time to insights by enabling manufacturers to manage both business and time-series data in a single source. It is the only manufacturing BI platform that bridges the gap between legacy tools, which have poor analyst usability and modern data discovery tools, which struggle to accurately process big IoT data.

Sisense unifies previously incompatible data to provide a complete picture of the product life cycle at every step of the manufacturing workflow. This leads to more cost-effective production through on-the-edge monitoring and analysis; as well as improved client experiences and optimized business operations through better full-cycle visibility across hardware and business data.

  • Detect demand trends early
  • Optimize pricing strategies
  • Streamline fulfillment processes
  • Improve sales effectiveness and reach the highest possible revenue
  • Increase supply chain visibility and forecasting
  • Achieve cross-functional visibility into business operations

Craig Schrimsher

Director of Dealer Development and Demand Analytics

There are cost elements of our product that we have never been able to see before but now that we have Sisense we’re able to.

Eric Farrell


Sisense has allowed us to gain insight around operational expenses and reduce capital expenditure, operational expenditure, as well as improve revenue.