Digital Transformation | 6 min read

Supercharging Your Digital Transformation with Embedded Analytics

Embedded analytics supercharge digital transformations and Product Teams play a critical role in making that happen.

Adam Murray avatar image Adam Murray
Embedded Analytics | 5 min read

Three Steps to Actionable Analytics: From Data to Insights to Outcomes

Actionable analytic apps are a key to boosting BI adoption, no matter what your company does or its size.

Shruthi Panicker avatar image Shruthi Panicker
Naive Bayes Sentiment Analysis
Advanced Analytics | 7 min read

Naive Bayes Sentiment Analysis in Python After Preparing Data Using SQL

Learn how to build a sentiment analyzer using the Naive Bayes algorithm, a popular algorithm for sentiment analysis problems.

Govind Rajagopalan avatar image Govind Rajagopalan
Sisense Products | 6 min read

Three New Tailored Sisense Packages Empower Builders of Analytics

We're doubling down on our commitment to empower builders with the tools and capabilities they need to drive transformative value from complex data and to deliver insights to everyone.

PeggySue Werthessen avatar image PeggySue Werthessen

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Snow Everything About Your Warehouse
Pipeline Innovation | 3 min read

Snow Everything About Your Warehouse

Learn to monitor trends in query performance to optimize user experience, including ad hoc analytics and business intelligence created on Snowflake.

Britton Stamper avatar image Britton Stamper
huanizing data indiana donor network featured
Digital Transformation | 5 min read

Humanizing Data: How Data Can Actually Save Lives

The Indiana Donor Network aims to use technology to modernize its business and leverages data in the form of demographics, locations, and all kinds of other elements to connect donors and much-needed organs and tissues, actually saving lives.

Brian Becker avatar image Brian Becker
Embedded Analytics | 4 min read

Boost Engagement, Drive Better Decisions with Custom Analytics

Highly interactive data experiences seamlessly integrated into existing applications and workflows are the key to increasing BI adoption and empowering users.

Jack Cieslak avatar image Jack Cieslak

Sisense Hackathon 2020 Recap: Dreaming Big, Building Bigger with AWS

Hackathon 2020 with AWS gave us live-streaming analytics, machine learning to avoid lunch lines, and a way to keep the beer flowing!

Jack Cieslak avatar image Jack Cieslak

Data-Powered Happy Hour in NYC Blows Minds with Analytic Apps

Sisense’s Data-Powered Happy Hour is sweeping the world, with events in SF, NYC, London, and beyond. Data experts and newbies alike mingle and talk data. Learn more!

Jack Cieslak avatar image Jack Cieslak
SQL Cheat sheet
Tech Talk | 6 min read

SQL Cheat Sheet & Query Syntax

When you are new to programming in SQL, you will come across a lot of hard-to-search-for character operators. This guide will make your life much simpler!

Sisense Data Team avatar image Sisense Data Team

Predictive Analytics in Manufacturing: A Winning Edge

Manufacturing companies are in a unique position: they create and capture tons of data every day. That means there's an enormous opportunity for optimization with predictive analytics.

Adam Bonefeste avatar image Adam Bonefeste
Splitting Comma-Separated Values In MySQL
BI Best Practices | 3 min read

Splitting Comma-Separated Values In MySQL

Every once in a while, a quick decision is made to store data in a comma-separated fashion, and the SQL analyst is left to pick up the pieces during analysis.

Sisense Data Team avatar image Sisense Data Team
Sisense values blog post featured image
Life at Sisense | 5 min read

Evolving Culture at Sisense Through Our Newly Launched Values

Sisense announces its values to build our corporate culture for long-term success.

Brian Becker avatar image Brian Becker
Simpsons-Paradox Featured image
Builder Education | 6 min read

Understanding Simpson’s Paradox to Avoid Faulty Conclusions

Spotting a lurking or confounding variable can help you avoid making a decision based on faulty analysis. Read on to learn how.

Ayelet Arditi avatar image Ayelet Arditi
hackathon 2020 featured image 2
Sisense Products | 5 min read

Sisense Hackathon 2020: Make Something Awesome With AWS

Sisense Hackathon 2020 continues our annual tradition of pushing the envelope for innovation, creativity, and collaboration, company-wide.

Jack Cieslak avatar image Jack Cieslak

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