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SQL Server
Tech Talk | 5 min read

SQL Cheat Sheet: Retrieving Column Description in SQL Server

About sys.tablesAbout sys.columnsAbout sys.types In SQL Server, details regarding a specific table column (e.g., column name, column id, column...

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mysql storage engines
Tech Talk | 5 min read

The Beginner’s Guide to MySQL Storage Engines

When a database is created, one often overlooked but critical factor in performance is the storage engine (particularly as the...

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Example of Scatter Map
Business Perspectives | 6 min read

Tips for Exploring Financial Data with Business Intelligence

One of the main advantages modern business intelligence brings to the table is the ability to perform exploratory data...

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Tech Talk | 6 min read

4 Customer Retention Metrics for Data-Driven Ecommerce

Running an eCommerce business is a challenging task. In addition to managing a huge scale of shipments and vendors,...

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unstructured data
BI Best Practices | 6 min read

From Operations to Insights: Business Analytics Meets NoSQL

The following is an excerpt from our recent webinar: From Operations to Insights with MongoDB. You can watch the...

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BI Best Practices | 11 min read

7 Data Modeling Mistakes that Will Sink your Analysis

You have a goal. You want to gain actionable insights from all of this data that you have been...

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Sisense dashboard data visualization - Executive Dashboard
BI Best Practices | 5 min read

4 Building Blocks of Great CFO Dashboards

So, you’ve been tasked with creating a dashboard for the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of your company. How do...

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